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We make every effort to restore the look of your facility without sacrificing the functionality of your business as well as its’ equipment. Providing the proper coatings to your business can increase the lifetime of your structure.  We accomplish this by using the best quality coatings on the market.

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Fire Retardant, Epoxy, Floor Coatings, Anti Slip & More …


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Factory & Warehouse Painting

Although factories and warehouses are rarely repainted, when the job is delegated it is always under a stringent and typically demanding time restriction. Every one of our painters is highly educated to finish each industrial painting job in an expert manner as well as before target dates even if it means working dual shifts or around the clock.

We concentrate on both interior and exterior industrial painting services. Our business, as well as our industrial painters, are educated to decrease the disturbance to your business to make certain that your warehouse can remain fully functional during the upkeep project. Additionally, every one of our workers is educated with sector safety guidelines. When it comes to safety, we just do not cut any type of corners.

Minneapolis House Painting has decades of experience with the following types of industrial painting jobs:

  • Warehouse Interiors

  • Warehouse Exteriors

  • Warehouse Ceilings

  • Warehouse Floors

  • Factory Interiors

  • Factory Exteriors

  • Factory Ceilings

  • Factory Floors

  • Non-Slip Coatings

  • Fire Retardant Coatings

  • Anti Graffiti Coatings

  • Safety Line Marking

  • Floor Coatings

  • Epoxy Coatings

  • Parking Lot Marking

  • Concrete Painting

Choosing the Right Concrete Floor Coating

The majority of industrial concrete floorings gain from some combination of the following alternatives:

1. Concrete Floor Paint
Concrete flooring paint is the simplest layer you can obtain for the job. It takes the kind of a one-coat layer with a satin finish. This can help protect versus discolorations as well as transform the floor’s color. That can be good for appearances as well as likewise make security painting easier.

2. Epoxy Floor Coating
Epoxy floor coating is an excellent all-around finishing option for concrete. It resists an entire host of common commercial threats including acid, grease, oil, and chemical spills. It is pleasing to check out and also boosts the flooring’s natural resistance versus damage, too.

3. Anti-Skid
Anti-skid chemicals can be included in a selection of other coatings. This protects your labor force by making it much less most likely workers will slip on mud, snow, or oil. If your workplace is exposed to rough components, this is a good idea.

4. Antimicrobial
Antimicrobial flooring helps slow down the proliferation of specific dangerous bacteria. Not all coatings actively kill microbes on the surface, however by stopping them from growing and spreading, coatings make infections obtained at work a lot less most likely.

5. Gloss
Last, but not least, concrete floors can be polished. This includes some of the benefits of epoxy flooring covering and also can normally be done at an extra budget-friendly rate. However, additional preventative measures should be taken due to how unsafe the cured flooring can become.

If you need some advice on what type of industrial painting would be best for your facility please give our experts a call.  



Specialized Coatings

Industrial facilities might require unique paints or coatings and procedures due to the nature of the environment and the materials made use of or manufactured in the facility.  We can evaluate the details demands, objectives as well as the budget of the project and also specify an appropriate solution.

In the event you need specialty coatings for your industrial painting project, you can be assured that we can provide the specialty coatings that are needed to complete your project.

  • Plant

  • Shopping Mall

  • Eco Friendly Coatings

  • Factory

  • Warehouse

  • Non-Slip Coatings

  • Fire Retardant Coatings

  • Anti Graffiti Coatings

  • Floor Coatings

  • Epoxy Coatings

Safety Line Marking For Manufacturing Facilities and Warehouses

Exactly How Is Safety Line Marking Beneficial?

As warehouses commonly experience high-traffic, it is common to observe individuals hurrying past one another to obtain from factor A to point B while completing different jobs.

So, taking precautionary steps is always far better. With safety line marking, a warehouse can benefit from in a number of ways:

It aids to define secure sidewalks for staff members
It creates separate paths to deliver and also run heavy machinery
It suggests appropriate storage locations for contaminated materials, machinery as well as other tools
It contributes to the smooth operation of your fast-paced service
It aids to boost the traffic circulation within your facility
It promotes safety and enhances cost-efficiency for your service

When done properly, these safety line-markings can be made use of for individuals at every level in business. Though, we really should analyze how they need to be used in a warehouse or factory. If you just utilize them without any critical planning, they can actually contribute to the problems as opposed to fixing them. We can help plan the layout for you and then paint the safety marking lines all while minimizing downtime.



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“We had Minneapolis House Painting come in and quote on painting the exterior of our house in Minneapolis.  They were professional and the turn around was quick.  We even decided to have the stucco painted and wow does it look great.”

Karen D.

“The interior of our home started to look faded and dated.  We had Minneapolis House Painting come in and consult us on the newest paint trends as we were also buying new furniture.  Our interior is now vibrant and we even had our exterior door painted.”


“I have now had Minneapolis House Painting paint not only my first Booster Juice franchise but also my 2nd one.  They quote competitively, guaranteed their work and best of all finish on time without overrun costs.”

Kareen N.

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