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At Minneapolis House Painting, we give our clients the right exterior paint options that have their houses looking brand-new once again.

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Fence Staining

At Minneapolis House Painting, we offer premium fence staining solutions. Whether you’re looking to have your fence painted a solid color, or wish to have its natural wood qualities amplified through fence staining, we provide custom fence services. We make sure that all of the fence stain is applied thoroughly, covers all sides of the fence, and most importantly, looks great! We work with you to make ensure you choose the right stains and provide insights into color or shade selection.

Our Fence Staining Preparation Process

Best Time For Fence Staining in Minneapolis 

The specific technique for preparing a fence for staining will depend upon its present coating and will depend on what your objectives are for staining.

If you have a stained or painted fence and intend to use a stain, you need to initially remove the paint or stain off the fence utilizing a chemical stripper. This will certainly be followed by cleaning and also sanding before applying a brand-new fence stain coating.

If your fence is completed with a clear sealant or a clear or semi-gloss wood stain, then you can just cleanse the fence with a wood cleaner, without bothering with fence paint stripper. It’s suggested that you make use of an oxygen-based wood cleaner designed to eliminate mildew spots as well as graying caused by sunlight exposure while it cleans the wood of dirt and deposits.

  • Power Washing: This process removes fence paint, dirt and mildew
  • Scraping: Problem fence areas receive a full scrape to remove that old peeling paint
  • Sanding: We sand the fence areas that were peeling to prevent moisture from entering and to improve the final appearance of your fence

We pride ourselves on the quality of our work and as we follow these each of the steps meticulously to achieve a top-quality stain finish on your fence.  We are always available to fill you in on the progress of your project and do a Full Daily Cleanup.



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“We had Minneapolis House Painting come in and quote on painting the exterior of our house in Minneapolis.  They were professional and the turn around was quick.  We even decided to have the stucco painted and wow does it look great.”

Karen D.

“The interior of our home started to look faded and dated.  We had Minneapolis House Painting come in and consult us on the newest paint trends as we were also buying new furniture.  Our interior is now vibrant and we even had our exterior door painted.”


“I have now had Minneapolis House Painting paint not only my first Booster Juice franchise but also my 2nd one.  They quote competitively, guaranteed their work and best of all finish on time without overrun costs.”

Kareen N.

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