Fence Painters or Fence Stainers?

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Whether you have a brand new fence that’s ready for an overcoat or your old fence needs attention, determining whether to repaint or stain is a common stumbling block for house owners. Each has its pros and cons, so should I hire a fence painter or fence stainer?

Does Stain or Paint Last Longer?

If you’re thinking of tackling a major project like painting or staining your fencing, the first thing that comes to mind is just how frequently you’ll be required to do this job. Both sorts of surfaces need regular focus. The stain should be reapplied a minimum of every three years as well as paint every 5 to 6 years. The environmental conditions that your fence holds up against, such as our harsh wintertime will cause the need for more upkeep.

The stain has a tendency to show its wear a little much more happily than paint. You might observe some areas fading. Paint, on the other hand, tends to split, bubble, and also peel as the moment to reapply draws near.

Is It Easier to Paint or Stain?

Both paint and stain are used in a similar fashion, yet each has its very own demands. Painting will certainly require a layer of primer in order to set and also a proper surface.  Top-quality outside latex paint will certainly be dry within 4 to 8 hrs depending on weather conditions. Stain, on the other hand, requires as much as 2 full days.

Stain can be a little bit more forgiving during application as your fence will soak it up instead of sitting on the surface area. On the other hand, raw, rough wood is more than happy to have a coat of stain where paint will need sanding as well as smoothing of the surface area. Regardless of which finish you pick, make sure to make any required repair services to your fence prior to you get started.  Pressure washing is an ideal solution to clean your old fence but make sure to let pressure treated lumber dry for 2 days before applying paint or stain.

Last but not least, paint can be used in a variety of conditions as long as it’s not raining. To apply stain, you’ll need to wait till it’s at least 10 degrees Celsius out, without rain forecasted for at least 2 to 3 days.

Customizing Your Finish

If you desire a real one-of-a-kind fence, paint is the way to go as your color option is basically endless. Stain manufacturers have produced a variety of hues, however generally you still need to stick within all-natural wood shades. If you’re expecting an incredible fuchsia fencing, paint is the only way to go.

Keeping Your Surface In Mind

Lastly, prior to you making your decision, think about the type of wood your fence is made from and also what its existing finish is. Cedar, as an example, does not take paint well and paint can, in fact, reduce the lifespan of your cedar fencing. Treated lumber can be painted or stained, however, the stain will certainly not soak in as deeply with treated wood than it would certainly with raw wood. Keep in mind that you can paint over a formerly tarnished fence, and you can tarnish over painted fencing. But on the 2nd choice, there’s more job entailed.

Got Questions About Fence Painters Or Stainers?

If you’re still unsure whether to hire fence painters or stainers or what paint or stain is right for your fencing, contact the professionals at Minneapolis House Painting. We’ll check out the kind of wood you have, its present problem, and also include your color considerations to assist you to make the appropriate decision.  Did you know that we also do decks, interiors, exteriors and more…  Call us at (612) 431-1250